Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

ClixSense, established strategies to earn money online

When you try to earn money online, you will stumble upon ClixSense for sure. It is one of the oldest and most established PTC (pay-to-click) websites out there. The initial idea is simple: you click on an advertisement, look at it for a few seconds and you are rewarded with money. Don´t laugh, it actually works as a business model and results are quick. The idea was then expanded to include Surveys and small Offers/Tasks you have to complete online. In addition, ClixSense sports an enticing referral program. Follow my link and start earning with ClixSense.

Mainpage von ClixSense

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

WowApp beats WhatsApp, catch up and earn some money

WowApp is a free app that is used as a replacement for WhatsApp on your smartphone. Or for Skype if you install it on your computer. While it contains banner advertisement and such things, there is a nice extra spin to it: the user (that´s you) also receives a share of the earnings! The potential here is insane and in this article I will show you why.

Main page of WowApp